Ellipse Blending System
Ellipse Blending System
Ellipse Blending System
Ellipse Blending System
Ellipse Blending System
Ellipse Blending System


Looking for the best commercial blenders? Our Waring® blenders are perfect for making smoothies, shakes, and more! The future of blending has arrived, and it’s about time! Experience the power of top-down blending that propels you beyond the limits of physics. The brand-new Waring® Ellipse™ Blending Solution has been designed to change the way you think of blending with shorter cycles, greater output, and more consistent results. Designed to take on every blending task with optimal efficiency, the Waring® Ellipse™ revolutionizes blending. With a dual-motor system that maximizes speed and power to let you serve more customers in less time, the Waring® Ellipse™ blends any product quickly. Don’t let ingredients, time, manpower, or equipment limit you any longer! With the Waring® Ellipse™, you’re now free to go beyond traditional blending, and your customers will thank you!
  • Powerful 3.5 HP, 30K RPM motor
  • Electronic-membrane keypad with blue backlit LCD screen
  • Adjustable speed controls and four programmable beverage stations
  • Dual PULSE feature with reprogrammable speed control
*Made in the USA with US and foreign parts.

Heavy-duty, 3.5 peak HP, high performance motor with 2-speed selection is the strongest in its class. It powers through the toughest ice and frozen fruit mixtures in seconds

Super-high 30,000 RPM motor speed for the smoothest consistencies.

4 reprogrammable stations for perfect results every time.
  • Factory-set programs for the most popular beverage and bowl types
  • Easy to create your own customized programs—fully reprogrammable directly on the keyboard. No need for a USB or computer for programming
Variable speed and time selections for maximum control over consistencies.

LCD display with blue backlight for easy viewing and program selection.

Dual PULSE feature with reprogrammable speed control.

Easy-to-clean, electronic-membrane keypad.

New and Improved Sound Enclosure included
Completely redesigned to further help reduce noise and vibration, proving you can still have commercial power without commercial strength noise. Retrofittable to use with all MX bases via the new jar pad and adaptor ring.

Cylindrical Jar Design
Allows for the dasher to effortlessly rotate around the inside walls and scrape all contents back into the blade while blending, dramatically reducing the occurrence of bridging and the formation of air pockets.

Lid and Dasher System
2-part assembly that helps expedite the blending process by breaking up and preventing the formation of air pockets by pushing ingredients back into the blade

Lithium-powered Waring Ellipse Drive powers the Dasher system to rotate within the jar.
Ellipse drive is controlled via 2 modes:
1 - Manual - choose from 10, 15 or 20 seconds of operation via push buttons
2 - Auto Start - automatically starts and runs for 30 seconds when sound enclosure is closed.

Docking Station
A hollow base designed to store the Ellipse Drive between blends for easy access.

Charging Station
Charge your Drive in 2-hours! One charge will last one full service day!

Jar Pad and Adaptor Ring
Sheds liquids keeping it clean and preventing material from getting into motor housing.

High-performance, high-impact, stainless-steel blade is user-replaceable for easy servicing.

User-replaceable, metal-on-metal, stainless-steel coupling system for durability and reliability.

Great for use in smoothie shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars

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Model #MXE2000
Capacity 32 oz
Plug Type NEMA 5-15P
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